• Per $10 per month:
  • - 1000 Tickets
  • - 1 GB Storage
  • As standard:
  • - Unlimited Users
  • - Unlimited Clients
  • - Time Tracking
Manage your bugs with Envoy
With Envoy, you'll never lose another bug. Take back control of your work - start using Envoy today!

Envoy Features

Case Management

Manage all of your support in one single location. Add, edit, assign, resolve and track progress on cases.

Case Management FAQ »

Time Tracking

Turn your support time into billable hours by tracking the time you spend fixing issues and replying to customer emails.

Timesheets FAQ »

Sensible Limits

Your costs are based only on how many tickets you need. You have unlimited users and unlimited clients.

Users and Clients FAQ »


Manage team documentation, customer details, track sales leads and collaborate with your team.

Wiki FAQ »

Restricted Client Access

Allow your clients access to just their tickets, so they can add new items and update issues.

Users and Clients FAQ »


Integrate Envoy with your other applications (including invoicing, CRM and version control).


And all this, as standard!

  • Simple case statuses
  • Full history for every case
  • Case attachments
  • Estimated completion dates
  • Case deadlines
  • Organise cases with tags
  • Email spam filter
  • Log time to cases
  • Private cases
  • Private case updates
  • Email notifications
  • Customisable emails
  • High quality search engine
  • Savable views (case lists)
  • Integrated company wiki
  • Wiki access control
  • Automated daily backups
  • SSL security
  • Multiple timezone support
  • Custom domain name
  • Customisable interface
  • Customisable priorities